do you ever have a plan for the day and suddenly it’s 4pm and you’ve achieved literally nothing 

I believe Douglas Adams and John Lloyd came up with a word for this feeling. image

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the fastest word i can type is motherlode

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  • Me in my room: Imagine if my favorite character walked in
  • Me outside: Imagine if my favorite character walked by
  • Me reading: Imagine if my favorite character asked to borrow this book
  • Me in school: imagine if my favorite character was the teacher

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being a pessimist is great i’m always either right or pleasantly surprised 

#the optimistic look on pessimism  

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changing the date on your paper so your teacher doesn’t think you’re a procrastinator

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when people complain about the ending of the catching fire movie


we should have a “where are they now” for bloggers who’ve deleted

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do you ever wonder what famous people use for their password

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  • Me when I first joined Tumblr: Oh, I already reblogged this. That's too bad.
  • Me now: I reblogged this every day for the last three weeks and I'mma do it again. I don't give a fuck.

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